Active Flag News

Active School Slogan Competition

In November, all classes from 1st to 6th were given the task of coming up with a school slogan for our Active School Initiative. The active flag committee got together and discussed the best slogans from each class. Their job was to pick one overall winner. After much discussion it was decided that the best slogan was created by James O Brien from 5th class. His winning slogan is as follows,

“60 minutes and you’ll be fine, run, jump, play and climb.”

Active School Poster Competition

In December, all classes from 1st to 6th were asked to design a poster to promote our active slogan. The posters had to be colourful, eye catching and above all else they had to showcase clearly our school’s active flag slogan. The Active Flag Committee had the task of choosing the winners from each class. This was very difficult as the standard was very high overall. Well done to everyone who won, the winners are listed below.